Q. What is the minimum version of MacOS I can use Solis with? 

A. Solis requires MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan) minimum.

Q. Does Solis work with Windows? 

A. No. Solis is Mac only. Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to bring Solis to Windows. 

Q. How many computers can I use Solis on? 

A. A single Solis license allows you to use Solis on up to 2 Macs.

Q. Can Solis run and manage local host servers? 

A. No. Solis does not have the ability to run and manage local servers, it can, however, be used to output local servers powered by apps such as MAMP.

Q. Does Solis render mobile viewports exactly like the browser software found on a specific device? 

A. No. Although Solis allows you manage aspects such as a views user agent, Solis is not a tool designed for checking browser compatibility. Solis is designed to be used during the design and build process, so you can accurately test the responsive characteristics of your code in general.

Q. Can I preview SCSS and LESS with Solis

A. Yes. We created this knowledge base post that covers the basics of previewing SCSS and LESS with Solis.

Q. Can Solis process SCSS and LESS into production ready CSS style sheets? 

A. No. Solis does not handle the actual processing of production ready CSS style sheets from the LESS and SCSS files. Solis only supports the processing of LESS and SCSS as part of the live previewing experience.

Q. I'm developing a Wordpress Theme, do you have a guide on using Solis in that type of workflow? 

A. Yes. We created this knowledge base post that covers the basics of using Solis in a Wordpress development environment.

Q. Can Solis be used with any visual web editors? 

A. Yes. As well as working with code editors, Solis can also be used with Blocs, Bootstrap Studio, Pinegrow, Rapidweaver and Sparkle.

Q. Can Solis open live web URLs?

A. Yes. Solis is designed to work with local files, but it can be used to preview live websites as well.

Q. Can I edit code with Solis on its own? 

A. No. Solis is not a code editing app, it does not directly handle the editing of code. Solis connects with code editors such as Atom, VS Code and Sublime and displays the live code output by listening for live changes made to documents.

Q. Do you have plans to add more pre-processor support for Solis? 

A. Yes. This is very early days but we plan on adding more as Solis matures.

Q. Are upgrades, free? 

A. No. When we get around to releasing a major new version of Solis (2.0) in the future, this optional upgrade will come at a reduced price, if you have a Solis v1 license.

Q. Are updates, free? 

A. All updates for the current version of Solis are free. For example, if you have Solis 1.0 you can update to 1.2 for free.

Q. What's the difference between upgrades and updates? 

A. An upgrade refers to moving from one major version to another, e.g. Solis v1.5 to Solis v2.0. An update refers to moving from one minor version to another. e.g. Solis v2.4.4 to Solis v2.5.0. Updates are free and upgrades require a reduced upgrade purchase fee.

Q. Do you offer student discounts? 

A. Yes, we offer student discounts. If you are aged 18 or over and in full or part-time higher education you may be eligible to receive student discount, if you meet this criteria please contact us for further details on how to receive your discount. Please note, you may be required to provide evidence of your student status.

Q. Can I request a new student discount code if I don’t use the one issued within the 30 days it is valid for? 

A. After 30 days you can request a new discount code, however, you may need to provide your student identification again to verify your student status, this ensures you still qualify for the discount. Also, we cannot guarantee the pricing will be the same as pricing of products can be subject to change as newer versions are released. 

Q. What kind of support do you offer Solis customers? 

A. We offer in-app and online support as well as an online knowledge base. As we are a small independent company, we do not currently offer telephone support.