Solis supports a wide range of code editors and visual web design tools. Integrating Solis into your RapidWeaver web design workflow is super simple, this guide will walk you through the basic setup process.

(Please make sure you are using Solis v1.0.2 or above and RapidWeaver 7 or above).

Step 1.

Launch the Solis application.

Step 2.

Launch RapidWeaver and enable the browser preview function which is located in the main menu: File >  Preview Page in. Selecting this option will present you with a list of Apps, select Solis from this list, you will then see your RapidWeaver project appear within Solis. When you make changes within RapidWeaver, if you return to and re-select the Solis application window, all views within Solis, will be automatically updated with the latest changes from RapidWeaver.