Solis supports a wide range of code editors and visual web design tools. Integrating Solis into your Pinegrow web design workflow is super simple, this guide will walk you through the basic setup process.

Step 1.

Launch Pinegrow  and open the html file you wish to edit.

Step 2.

Launch Solis and select HTML File from the start screen. Now navigate to and select the same HTML file you currently have open within Pinegrow. Solis will now display the page you currently have open in Pinegrow. When you make changes within Pinegrow, simply save them and all changes will be automatically displayed across all views within your Solis workspace.

Realtime Previewing with Pinegrow - Additional step.

Both Pinegrow and Solis are capable of integrating with Atom the code editor, this means it's possible to achieve realtime previewing of your Pinegrow page within Solis by using Atom as a bridge. (Please not this requires that you have both the Pinegrow and Solis Atom plugins installed).

Via Pinegrow, select to edit your current page within Atom. Now that Atom is open and connected to Pinegrow all changes made in Atom or Pinegrow are shown in real time within your Solis workspace.