Although Solis doesn't have the functionality to run and manage local servers, it does have the ability to navigate and output them when they are run using an app such as MAMP. This guide will show you how to setup a local host path for Wordpress development.

1. Start your local server using MAMP or the app of your choice.

2. From the Solis start screen, select the option labeled Local Host. This will open the local host navigation sheet.

3. From the local host sheet, input the domain path for your server. For example,

4. Now select the root location that you would like Solis to listen to for changes. If you are developing a Wordpress theme, then you will need to navigate and select the root directory for your theme which should reside within the theme directory of your local core Wordpress install. 

5. Now enter a name for this local server. When this server is loaded, it will be automatically added to the recents dropdown menu, that is located at the top of the sheet. The name given in this field will be used as the menu item label for this server setup. If you don't enter a name into the name field, the server wont be added to the recents dropdown menu.

6. Left clicking the button labeled "connect" will load your local server into Solis.